A provider of quality joinery for over 200 years

1803 was an important year in history: George III was on the throne of England; William Pitt was Prime Minister; Napoleon declared war on England and started building an invasion fleet in Boulogne; and George Henry Denne bought a barrow!

Denne Joinery has now grown from its humble beginnings into a renowned provider of quality joinery services. The earliest documentary reference to Denne is in an 1859 directory which lists G.H. Denne as a builder and farmer, showing there was diversification even then. The next reference is an 1887 entry in Kelly's Directory which lists G.H. Denne and Sons as Builder, Contractor and Funeral Directors. Joinery facilities meant that coffin-making was a useful sideline.


"The work done by your Joinery Division in the Grand Committee Room of the House of Commons is a fine example of the high standard of craftsmanship that your organisation provides"

The Sergeant at Arms, House of Commons